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Marc Hoersken
CI: bring GitHub Actions fuzzing job in line with macOS jobs
Update YAML formatting, job naming and triggers.
Ross Burton
curl-functions.m4: remove inappropriate AC_REQUIRE
AC_REQUIRE means "if this macro hasn't been executed already, execute
it".  So in a wrapper around AC_RUN_IFELSE, AC_REQUIRE(AC_RUN_IFELSE)
isn't correct at that will execute AC_RUN_IFELSE without any arguments.

With autoconf 2.69 this is basically a no-op, but with autoconf 2.70,
AC_RUN_IFELSE without a default value when cross-compiling is fatal.
The result is that curl with autoconf 2.70 cannot cross-compile.

Fixes https://github.com/curl/curl/issues/5126
Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/5130
Daniel Stenberg
cirrus: move the sanitizer build from freebsd 13 to freebsd 12
Daniel Stenberg
mailmap: fixup a few author names/fields
Douglas Steinwand, Gökhan Şengün, Jessa Chandler, Julian Z and
Svyatoslav Mishyn
Jay Satiro
curl_setup: define _WIN32_WINNT_[OS] symbols
.. because not all Windows build systems have those symbols, and even
those that do may be missing newer symbols (eg the Windows 7 SDK does
not define _WIN32_WINNT_WIN10).

Those symbols are used in build-time logic to decide which API to use
and prior to this change if the symbols were missing it would have
resulted in deprecated API being used when more recent functions were
available (eg GetVersionEx used instead of VerifyVersionInfo).

Reported-by: FuccDucc@users.noreply.github.com

Probably fixes https://github.com/curl/curl/issues/4995
Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/5057
Daniel Stenberg
secure transport: remove the BACKEND define kludge
Closes #5122
Daniel Stenberg
travis: update the ngtcp2 build to use the latest OpenSSL patch
... which also makes it OpenSSL 1.1.1d based and not v3.
Daniel Stenberg
To let debug-builds return fake values, like in test 970.

Ref: #5131
Closes #5136
Daniel Stenberg
openssl: remove the BACKEND define kludge
Use a proper variable instead to make it easier to use a debugger and
read the code.
Daniel Stenberg
tests: add test 430, 431 and 432 to verify the --config fix
Verify the fixes in 4e0b4fee4
Calvin Buckley
OS400: Update strings for ccsid-ifier
Fixes build.

Closes #5132
Marc Hoersken
test970: fix static ip:port instead of dynamic values being used
Marc Hoersken
ci/tests: fix Azure Pipelines not running Windows containers
Workaround posted here: microsoft/azure-pipelines-agent#2864

Assisted-by: Simon Chalifoux
Assisted-by: Tommy Petty

Fixes #5117
Closes #5129
Daniel Stenberg
copyright: fix out-of-date copyright ranges and missing headers
Reported by the new script 'scripts/copyright.pl'. The script has a
regex whitelist for the files that don't need copyright headers.

Removed three (mostly usesless) README files from docs/

Closes #5141
Daniel Stenberg
test970: improve the test
- send more data to make problems more obvious
- don't start the data with minus, it makes diffs harder to read
- skip the headers in the stdout comparison
- save to a file name to also verify 'filename_effective'

Ref: #5131
Daniel Stenberg
gnutls: remove the BACKEND define kludge
Marc Hoersken
CI: migrate macOS jobs from Azure and Travis CI to GitHub Actions
Reduce workload on Azure Pipelines and Travis CI while
consolidating macOS jobs onto less utilized GitHub Actions.

Reviewed-by: Daniel Stenberg

Closes #5124
Marc Hoersken
CI: remove default Ubuntu build from GitHub Actions
We are already running a very similar Ubuntu build on Travis CI.
The macOS variant of this default build is kept on Github Actions.
Daniel Stenberg
version: add 'cainfo' and 'capath' to version info struct
Suggested-by: Timothe Litt
URL: https://curl.haxx.se/mail/lib-2020-03/0090.html
Reviewed-by: Jay Satiro

Closes #5150
Marc Hoersken
sockfilt: add logmsg output to select_ws_wait_thread on Windows
Assisted-by: Jay Satiro
Reviewed-by: Daniel Stenberg

Closes #5086
Daniel Stenberg
Daniel Stenberg
bearssl: remove the BACKEND define kludge
Daniel Stenberg
wolfssl: remove the BACKEND define kludge
Daniel Stenberg
Rici Lake
cmdline: fix handling of OperationConfig linked list (--next)
Ensures that -K/--config inserts new items at the end of the list
instead of overwriting the second item, and that after a -K/--config
option has been parsed, the option parser's view of the current config
is update.

Fixes #5120
Closes #5123
Daniel Stenberg
TODO: Use "random" ports for the test servers
Daniel Stenberg
CURLINFO_NUM_CONNECTS: improve accuracy
The counter was not bumped in all cases correctly.

Reported-by: Marcel Raad
Ref: #5131
Closes #5135
Marc Hoersken
test2100: fix static port instead of dynamic value being used
Daniel Stenberg
cirrus: make freebsd ignore the tests instead of skipping
To allow us to see in the CI logs how they actually behave

Closes #5091
Daniel Stenberg
docs/make: generate curl.1 from listed files only
Previously it rendered the page from files matching "*.d" in the correct
directory, which worked fine in git builds when the files were added but
made it easy to forget adding the files to the dist.

Now, only man page sections listed in DPAGES in Makefile.inc will be
used, thus "forcing" us to update this to get the man page right and get
it included in the dist at the same time.

Ref: #5146
Closes #5149
Daniel Stenberg
dist: add mail-rcpt-allowfails.d to the tarball
Reported-by: Maksim Stsepanenka
Reviewed-by: Jat Satiro

Closes #5146
Daniel Stenberg
mbedtls: remove the BACKEND define kludge
Daniel Stenberg
config: remove all defines of HAVE_DES_H
As there's no code using it.

Closes #5144
Daniel Stenberg
nss: remove the BACKEND define kludge
Daniel Stenberg
lib/curl_setup: adjust the copyright year range
Follow-up from d820224b8
Daniel Stenberg
packages: add OS400/chkstrings.c to the dist
Reported-by: Jon Rumsey
Fixes #5142
Closes #5143
Daniel Stenberg
Revert "cirrus-ci: disable the FreeBSD 13 builds"
This reverts commit 691b71be930f0e285c8f7a76efd56bbe0576cda6.
Clément Notin
nghttp2: 1.12.0 required
since nghttp2_session_set_local_window_size is needed

Closes #5140
Jay Satiro
SSLCERTS.md: Fix example code for setting CA cert file
Prior to this change the documentation erroneously said use
CURLOPT_CAPATH to set a CA cert file.

Bug: https://curl.haxx.se/mail/lib-2020-03/0121.html
Reported-by: Timothe Litt

Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/5151
Daniel Stenberg
openssl: adapt to functions marked as deprecated since version 3
OpenSSL 3 deprecates SSL_CTX_load_verify_locations and the MD4, DES
functions we use.

Fix the MD4 and SSL_CTX_load_verify_locations warnings.

In configure, detect OpenSSL v3 and if so, inhibit the deprecation
warnings. OpenSSL v3 deprecates the DES functions we use for NTLM and
until we rewrite the code to use non-deprecated functions we better
ignore these warnings as they don't help us.

Closes #5139