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Daniel Stenberg
netrc: make the code try ".netrc" on Windows as well
... but fall back and try "_netrc" too if the dot version didn't work.

Co-Authored-By: Steve Holme
Daniel Stenberg
travis: add a quiche build
Closes #4207
Daniel Stenberg
ngtcp2: do QUIC connections happy-eyeballs friendly
Daniel Stenberg
ssh: add a generic Curl_ssh_version function for SSH backends
Closes #4235
Daniel Stenberg
cleanup: remove DOT_CHAR completely
Follow-up to f9c7ba9096ec

The use of DOT_CHAR for ".ssh" was probably a mistake and is removed

Pointed-out-by: Gisle Vanem
Bug: https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/4230#issuecomment-522960638

Closes #4247
Alessandro Ghedini
quiche: register debug callback once and earlier
The quiche debug callback is global and can only be initialized once, so
make sure we don't do it multiple times (e.g. if multiple requests are

In addition this initializes the callback before the connection is
created, so we get logs for the handshake as well.

Closes #4236
Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa
ngtcp2: Consume QUIC STREAM data properly
Daniel Stenberg
CURLOPT_ALTSVC.3: use a "" file name to not load from a file
Daniel Stenberg
vssh: move ssh init/cleanup functions into backend code
Daniel Stenberg
ngtcp2: provide the callbacks as a static struct
... instead of having them in quicsocket
Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa
ngtcp2: deal with stream close
Daniel Stenberg
quiche: happy eyeballs
Closes #4220
Mike Crowe
tests: Replace outdated test case numbering documentation
Tests are no longer grouped by numeric range[1]. Let's stop saying that
and provide some alternative advice for numbering tests.

[1] https://curl.haxx.se/mail/lib-2019-08/0043.html

Closes #4227
Daniel Stenberg
Daniel Stenberg
http: remove chunked-encoding and expect header use for HTTP/3
Daniel Stenberg
travis: add a build using ngtcp2 + nghttp3 (and a patched OpenSSL)
Runs no tests

Closes #4253
Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa
ngtcp2: don't reinitialize SSL on Retry
Daniel Stenberg
curl: use .curlrc (with a dot) on Windows as well
Fall-back to _curlrc if the dot-version is missing.

Co-Authored-By: Steve Holme

Closes #4230
Daniel Stenberg
curl: make --libcurl use CURL_HTTP_VERSION_3
Closes #4243
Daniel Stenberg
TODO/ROADMAP: remove "refuse downgrade redirects" and HTTP/3
HTTP3 is now already in full progress

Downgrade redirects can be achived almost exactly like that by setting
Daniel Stenberg
travis: bump to using nghttp2 version 1.39.2
Closes #4252
Daniel Stenberg
CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST: treat the value 1 as 2
For a long time (since 7.28.1) we've returned error when setting the
value to 1 to make applications notice that we stopped supported the old
behavior for 1. Starting now, we treat 1 and 2 exactly the same.

Closes #4241
Daniel Stenberg
http: fix use of credentials from URL when using HTTP proxy
When a username and password are provided in the URL, they were wrongly
removed from the stored URL so that subsequent uses of the same URL
wouldn't find the crendentials. This made doing HTTP auth with multiple
connections (like Digest) mishave.

Regression from 46e164069d1a5230 (7.62.0)

Test case 335 added to verify.

Reported-by: Mike Crowe

Fixes #4228
Closes #4229
Daniel Stenberg
vssh: create directory for SSH backend code
Daniel Stenberg
connect: connections are persistent by default for HTTP/3
Daniel Stenberg
multi: getsock improvements for QUIC connecting
Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa
ngtcp2: add missing nghttp3_conn_add_write_offset call
Closes #4225
Daniel Stenberg
openssl: build warning free with boringssl
Closes #4244
Daniel Stenberg
ngtcp2: move the h3 initing to immediately after the rx key
To fix a segfault and to better deal with 0-RTT

Assisted-by: Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa
Daniel Stenberg
defines: avoid underscore-prefixed defines
Double-underscored or underscore plus uppercase letter at least.

... as they're claimed to be reserved.

Reported-by: patnyb on github

Fixes #4254
Closes #4255
Igor Makarov
configure: use -lquiche to link to quiche
Closes #4226
Daniel Stenberg
spnego_sspi: add typecast to fix build warning
Reported in build "Win32 target on Debian Stretch (64-bit) -
i686-w64-mingw32 - gcc-20170516"

Closes #4245
Gisle Vanem
docs/examples/curlx: fix errors
Initialise 'mimetype' and require the -p12 arg.

Closes #4248
Daniel Stenberg
ngtcp2: make postfields-set posts work
Closes #4242
Daniel Stenberg
curl_version: bump string buffer size to 250
With HTTP/3 libs and plenty TLS libs, I manged to hit the limit (which
causes a truncated output).
Daniel Stenberg
base64: check for SSH, not specific SSH backends
Daniel Stenberg
ngtcp2: use ngtcp2_version() to get the run-time version
... which of course doesn't have to be the same used at build-time.

Function just recently merged in ngtcp2.
Daniel Stenberg
travis: reduce number of torture tests in 'coverage'
... to make it complete in time. This cut seems not almost not affect
the coverage percentage and yet completes within 35 minutes on travis
where the previous runs recently always timed out after 50.

Closes #4223
Daniel Stenberg
ngtcp2: accept upload via callback
Closes #4256
Alessandro Ghedini
configure: use pkg-config to detect quiche
This removes the need to hard-code the quiche target path in

This depends on https://github.com/cloudflare/quiche/pull/128

Closes #4237