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Marcel Raad
curl_setup: support Unicode functions to open files on Windows
Use them only if `_UNICODE` is defined, in which case command-line
arguments have been converted to UTF-8.

Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/3784
Siva Sivaraman
sha256: fixed potentially uninitialized variable
Closes #5414
Daniel Stenberg
Revert "sendf: make failf() use the mvsnprintf() return code"
This reverts commit 74623551f306990e70c7c5515b88972005604a74.

Instead mark the function call with (void). Getting the return code and
using it instead triggered Coverity warning CID 1463596 because
snprintf() can return a negative value...

Closes #5441
Daniel Stenberg
ftp: shut down the secondary connection properly when SSL is used
Reported-by: Neal Poole
Fixes #5340
Closes #5385
Daniel Stenberg
ftp: mark return-ignoring calls to Curl_GetFTPResponse with (void)
They're done on purpose, make that visible in the code.
Reported-by: MonocleAI
Fixes #5412
Closes #549
Daniel Stenberg
copyright: updated year ranges out of sync
... and whitelisted a few more files in the the copyright.pl script.
Gilles Vollant
setopt: support certificate options in memory with struct curl_blob
This change introduces a generic way to provide binary data in setopt
options, called BLOBs.

This change introduces these new setopts:


Reviewed-by: Daniel Stenberg
Closes #5357
Daniel Stenberg
typecheck-gcc.h: fix the OFF_T check
The option number also needs to be less than CURLOPTTYPE_BLOB.

Follow-up to cac5374298
Reported-by: Jeroen Ooms
Bug: https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/5365#issuecomment-631084114
Daniel Stenberg
test1631: verify FTP download through HTTPS-proxy
Siva Sivaraman
tool_paramhlp: fixed potentially uninitialized strtol() variable
Seems highly unlikely to actually be possible, but better safe than

Closes #5417
Siva Sivaraman
tool_operate: fixed potentially uninitialized variables
... in curl_easy_getinfo() calls. They're harmless but clearing the
variables makes the code safer and comforts the reader.

Closes #5416
Daniel Stenberg
tests/server/util.h: add extern to silence compiler warning
Follow-up from a3b0699d5c1
Marcel Raad
KNOWN_BUGS: adapt 5.5 to recent changes
It only applies to non-Unicode builds now.
Also merge 5.10 into it as it's effectively a duplicate.

Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/3784
Marcel Raad
curl_multibyte: add to curlx
This will also be needed in the tool and tests.

Ref: https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/3758#issuecomment-482197512
Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/3784
Daniel Stenberg
sws: as last resort, get test number from server cmd file
If it can't be found in the request. Also support --cmdfile to set it to
a custom file name.

runtests.pl always writes this file with the test number in it since a
while back.
Daniel Stenberg
KNOWN_BUGS: wolfssh: publickey auth doesn't work
Closes #4820
Peter Wu
CMake: add libssh build support
Closes #5372
Daniel Stenberg
test1632: verify FTP through HTTPS-proxy with connection re-use
Marcel Raad
tool: support UTF-16 command line on Windows
- use `wmain` instead of `main` when `_UNICODE` is defined [0]
- define `argv_item_t` as `wchar_t *` in this case
- use the curl_multibyte gear to convert the command-line arguments to

This makes it possible to pass parameters with characters outside of
the current locale on Windows, which is required for some tests, e.g.
the IDN tests. Out of the box, this currently only works with the
Visual Studio project files, which default to Unicode, and winbuild
with the `ENABLE_UNICODE` option.

[0] https://devblogs.microsoft.com/oldnewthing/?p=40643

Ref: https://github.com/curl/curl/issues/3747
Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/3784
Daniel Stenberg
KNOWN_BUGS: OS400 port requires deprecated IBM library
Closes #5176
Daniel Stenberg
source cleanup: remove all custom typedef structs
- Stick to a single unified way to use structs
- Make checksrc complain on 'typedef struct {'
- Allow them in tests, public headers and examples

- Let MD4_CTX, MD5_CTX, and SHA256_CTX typedefs remain as they actually
  typedef different types/structs depending on build conditions.

Closes #5338
Gilles Vollant
setopt: add CURLOPT_PROXY_ISSUERCERT(_BLOB) for coherency
Closes #5431
Daniel Stenberg
sendf: make failf() use the mvsnprintf() return code
... and avoid a strlen() call. Fixes a MonocleAI warning.

Reported-by: MonocleAI
Fixes #5413
Closes #5420
Daniel Stenberg
TODO: --dry-run
Closes #5426
Daniel Stenberg
hostip: make Curl_printable_address not return anything
It was not used much anyway and instead we let it store a blank buffer
in case of failure.

Reported-by: MonocleAI
Fixes #5411
Closes #5418
Daniel Stenberg
typecheck-gcc.h: CURLINFO_PRIVATE does not need a 'char *'
Reported-by: Billyzou0741326 on github
Fixes #5432
Closes #5436
Daniel Stenberg
travis: remove the .checksrc fiddling
Daniel Stenberg
TODO: forbid TLS post-handshake auth and do TLS record padding
Closes #5396
Closes #5398
Daniel Stenberg
sha256: move assign to the declaration line
Follow-up to fae30656. Should've been squashed with that commit...
Daniel Stenberg
ftp: make domore_getsock() return the secondary socket properly
Previously, after PASV and immediately after the data connection has
connected, the function would only return the control socket to wait for
which then made the data connection simply timeout and not get polled
correctly. This become obvious when running test 1631 and 1632 event-
Peter Wu
travis: simplify quiche build instructions wrt boringssl
quiche builds boringssl as static library, reuse that instead of
building another shared library.

Closes #5438
Daniel Stenberg
dynbuf: return NULL when there's no buffer length
... as returning a "" is not a good idea as the string is supposed to be
allocated and returning a const string will cause issues.

Reported-by: Brian Carpenter
Follow-up to ed35d6590e72c
Closes #5405
Daniel Stenberg
TODO: Ratelimit or wait between serial requests
Closes #5406
Vyron Tsingaras
http2: keep trying to send pending frames after req.upload_done
Fixes #1410
Closes #5401
Daniel Stenberg
tool_paramhlp: fixup C89 mistake
Follow-up to c5f0a9db22.
Peter Wu
travis: upgrade to bionic, clang-9, improve readability
Changes, partially to reduce build failures from external dependencies:
- Upgrade Ubuntu and drop unnecessary third-party repos.
- Properly clone apt config to ensure retries.
- Upgrade to clang-9 from the standard repos.
- Use Ubuntu 20.04 focal for the libssh build, use of ssh_get_publickey
  fails on -Werror=deprecated-declarations in Ubuntu 18.04. Do not use
  focal everywhere yet since Travis CI has not documented this option.
  In focal, python-impacket (Py2.7) has been removed, leaving only
  python3-impacket. Since it is only needed for SMB tests and not SSH,
  skip it for the libssh job since it might need more work.
- apt: Remove gcc-8 and libstdc++-8-dev, already installed via g++-8.

Non-functional cleanups:
- Simplify test matrix, drop redundant os and compiler keys.
- Deprecation fixes: remove sudo, rename matrix -> jobs.
- Every job has an 'env' key, put this key first in a list item.

Closes #5370
Daniel Stenberg
Peter Wu
travis: whitespace-only changes for consistency
Automatically apply a consistent indentation with:

    python3 -c 'from ruamel.yaml import YAML;y=YAML();d=y.load(open(".travis.yml"));y.width=500;y.dump(d,open(".travis.yml.new","w"))'

followed by manually re-indenting three comments.

Closes #5370
Peter Wu
configure: fix pthread check with static boringssl
A shared boringssl/OpenSSL library requires -lcrypto only for linking.
A static build additionally requires `-ldl -lpthread`. In the latter
case `-lpthread` is added to LIBS which prevented `-pthread` from being
added to CFLAGS. Clear LIBS to fix linking failures for libtest tests.
Daniel Stenberg
curl: remove -J "informational" written on stdout
curl would previously show "curl: Saved to filename 'name from header'"
if -J was used and a name was picked from the Content-Disposition
header. That output could interfer with other stdout output, such as -w.

This commit removes that output line.
Bug: https://curl.haxx.se/mail/archive-2020-05/0044.html
Reported-by: Коваленко Анатолий Викторович
Closes #5435