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Daniel Stenberg
http: fix proxy auth with blank password
Regression in 7.71.0

Added test case 346 to verify.

Reported-by: Kristoffer Gleditsch
Fixes #5613
Closes #5616
Daniel Stenberg
.dcignore: ignore tests and docs directories
This is a config file for deepcode.ai, a static code analyzer.
Laramie Leavitt
http2: close the http2 connection when no more requests may be sent
Well-behaving HTTP2 servers send two GOAWAY messages. The first
message is a warning that indicates that the server is going to
stop accepting streams. The second one actually closes the stream.

nghttp2 reports this state (and the other state of no more stream
identifiers) via the call nghttp2_session_check_request_allowed().
In this state the client should not create more streams on the
session (tcp connection), and in curl this means that the server
has requested that the connection is closed.

It would be also be possible to put the connclose() call into the
on_http2_frame_recv() function that triggers on the GOAWAY message.

This fixes a bug seen when the client sees the following sequence of

// advisory GOAWAY
HTTP2 GOAWAY [stream-id = 0, promised-stream-id = -1]
... some additional frames

// final GOAWAY
HTTP2 GOAWAY [stream-id = 0, promised-stream-id = N ]

Before this change, curl will attempt to reuse the connection even
after the last stream, will encounter this error:

* Found bundle for host localhost: 0x5595f0a694e0 [can multiplex]
* Re-using existing connection! (#0) with host localhost
* Connected to localhost (::1) port 10443 (#0)
* Using Stream ID: 9 (easy handle 0x5595f0a72e30)
> GET /index.html?5 HTTP/2
> Host: localhost:10443
> user-agent: curl/7.68.0
> accept: */*
* stopped the pause stream!
* Connection #0 to host localhost left intact
curl: (16) Error in the HTTP2 framing layer

This error may posion the connection cache, causing future requests
which resolve to the same curl connection to go through the same error

Closes #5643
Daniel Stenberg
TODO: Add flag to specify download directory
Daniel Stenberg
url: allow user + password to contain "control codes" for HTTP(S)
Reported-by: Jon Johnson Jr
Fixes #5582
Closes #5592
Kamil Dudka
tool_getparam: make --krb option work again
It was disabled by mistake in commit curl-7_37_1-23-ge38ba4301.

Bug: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/1833193
Closes #5640
Daniel Stenberg
Curl_inet_ntop: always check the return code
Reported-by: Siva Sivaraman
Fixes #5412
Closes #5597
Jay Satiro
tool_cb_hdr: Fix etag warning output and return code
- Return 'failure' on failure, to follow the existing style.

- Put Warning: and the warning message on the same line.

Ref: https://github.com/curl/curl/issues/5610

Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/5612
Daniel Stenberg
ngtcp2: sync with current master
ngtcp2 added two new callbacks

Reported-by: Lucien Z├╝rcher
Fixes #5624
Closes #5627
Daniel Stenberg
cirrus-ci: disable FreeBSD 13 (again)
It has been failing for a good while again. This time we better leave it
disabled until we have more reason to believe it behaves.

Closes #5628
Javier Blazquez
openssl: Fix compilation on Windows when ngtcp2 is enabled
- Include wincrypt before OpenSSL includes so that the latter can
  properly handle any conflicts between the two.

Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/5606
Daniel Stenberg
THANKS: add contributors to 7.71.1
Daniel Stenberg
vtls: compare cert blob when finding a connection to reuse
Reported-by: Gergely Nagy
Fixes #5617
Closes #5619
Baruch Siach
mbedtls: fix build with disabled proxy support
Don't reference fields that do not exist. Fixes build failure:

vtls/mbedtls.c: In function 'mbed_connect_step1':
vtls/mbedtls.c:249:54: error: 'struct connectdata' has no member named 'http_proxy'

Closes #5615
Daniel Stenberg
tests: verify newline in username and password for HTTP
test 1296 is a simply command line test

test 1910 is a libcurl test including a redirect
Daniel Stenberg
Daniel Stenberg
codeql-analysis.yml: fix the 'languages' setting
It needs a 'with:' in front of it.
Daniel Stenberg
test543: extended to verify zero length input
As was reported in #5601
Daniel Stenberg
gtihub: codeql-analysis.yml
enables code security scanning with github actions
Daniel Stenberg
http2: only do the *done() cleanups for HTTP
Follow-up to ef86daf4d3

Closes #5650
Fixes #5646
Alex Kiernan
gnutls: Fetch backend when using proxy
Fixes: 89865c149 ("gnutls: remove the BACKEND define kludge")
Signed-off-by: Alex Kiernan <alex.kiernan@gmail.com>
Daniel Stenberg
http2: set the correct URL in pushed transfers
...previously CURLINFO_EFFECTIVE_URL would report the URL of the
original "mother transfer", not the actually pushed resource.

Reported-by: Jonathan Cardoso Machado
Fixes #5589
Closes #5591
Daniel Stenberg
examples/multithread.c: call curl_global_cleanup()
Reported-by: qiandu2006 on github
Fixes #5622
Closes #5623
Daniel Stenberg
RELEASE-NOTES: curl 7.71.1
Daniel Stenberg
sendf: improve the message on client write errors
Replace "Failed writing body (X != Y)" with
"Failure writing output to destination". Possibly slightly less cryptic.

Reported-by: coinhubs on github
Fixes #5594
Closes #5596
Daniel Stenberg
curl_version_info.3: CURL_VERSION_KERBEROS4 is deprecated
This came up in #5640. It make sense to clarify this in the docs!

Reminded-by: Kamil Dudka
Closes #5642
Daniel Stenberg
CURLOPT_READFUNCTION.3: provide the upload data size up front
Assisted-by: Jay Satiro
Closes #5607
Daniel Stenberg
TODO: return code to CURLMOPT_PUSHFUNCTION to fail connection
Daniel Stenberg
Daniel Stenberg
escape: zero length input should return a zero length output
Regression added in 7.71.0.

Fixes #5601
Reported-by: Kristoffer Gleditsch
Closes #5602
Jeremy Maitin-Shepard
http2: fix nghttp2_strerror -> nghttp2_http2_strerror in debug messages
Confusingly, nghttp2 has two different error code enums:

- nghttp2_error, to be used with nghttp2_strerror
- nghttp2_error_code, to be used with nghttp2_http2_strerror

Closes #5641
Daniel Stenberg
escape: make the URL decode able to reject only %00 bytes
... or all "control codes" or nothing.

Assisted-by: Nicolas Sterchele
Daniel Stenberg
Revert "multi: implement wait using winsock events"
This reverts commit 8bc25c590e530de87595d1bb3577f699eb1309b9.

That commit (from #5397) introduced a regression in 7.71.0.

Reported-by: tmkk on github
Fixes #5631
Closes #5632
Marcel Raad
url: silence MSVC warning
Since commit f3d501dc678, if proxy support is disabled, MSVC warns:
url.c : warning C4701: potentially uninitialized local variable
'hostaddr' used
url.c : error C4703: potentially uninitialized local pointer variable
'hostaddr' used

That could actually only happen if both `conn->bits.proxy` and
`CURL_DISABLE_PROXY` were enabled.
Initialize it to NULL to silence the warning.

Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/5638
Daniel Stenberg
ftpserver: don't verify SMTP MAIL FROM names
Rely on tests asking the names to get refused instead - test servers
should be as dumb as possible. Edited test 914, 955 and 959 accordingly.

Closes #5639
Daniel Stenberg
test1539: do a HTTP 1.0 POST without a set size (fails)
Attempt to reproduce #5593. Test case 1514 is very similar but uses
HTTP/1.1 and thus switches to chunked.

Closes #5595
Daniel Stenberg
scripts/copyright.pl: skip .dcignore
Alex Kiernan
gnutls: repair the build with `CURL_DISABLE_PROXY`
`http_proxy`/`proxy_ssl`/`tunnel_proxy` will not be available in `conn`
if `CURL_DISABLE_PROXY` is enabled.  Repair the build with that

Signed-off-by: Alex Kiernan <alex.kiernan@gmail.com>
Closes #5645
Daniel Stenberg
terminology: call them null-terminated strings
Updated terminology in docs, comments and phrases to refer to C strings
as "null-terminated". Done to unify with how most other C oriented docs
refer of them and what users in general seem to prefer (based on a
single highly unscientific poll on twitter).

Reported-by: coinhubs on github
Fixes #5598
Closes #5608
Daniel Stenberg