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Daniel Stenberg
http.h: Copyright year out of date, should be 2020
Follow-up to 7ff9222ced8c
Daniel Stenberg
Marc Aldorasi
cmake: Enable SMB for Windows builds
- Define USE_WIN32_CRYPTO by default. This enables SMB.

- Show whether SMB is enabled in the "Enabled features" output.

- Fix mingw compiler warning for call to CryptHashData by casting away
  const param. mingw CryptHashData prototype is wrong.

Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/4717
http: move "oauth_bearer" from connectdata to Curl_easy
Fixes the bug where oauth_bearer gets deallocated when we re-use a

Closes #4824
Emil Engler
ngtcp2: Add an error code for QUIC connection errors
- Add new error code CURLE_QUIC_CONNECT_ERROR for QUIC connection

Prior to this change CURLE_FAILED_INIT was used, but that was not

Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/4754
Jay Satiro
vtls: Refactor Curl_multissl_version to make the code clearer
Reported-by: Johannes Schindelin

Ref: https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/3863#pullrequestreview-241395121

Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/4803
Daniel Stenberg
curl:progressbarinit: ignore column width from terminals < 20
To avoid division by zero - or other issues.

Reported-by: Daniel Marjamäki
Closes #4818
Daniel Stenberg
ROADMAP: thread-safe `curl_global_init()`
I'd like to see this happen.
Marcel Raad
CMake: use check_symbol_exists also for inet_pton
It doesn't make much sense to only check if the function can be linked
when it's not declared in any header and that is treated as an error.
With the correct target Windows version set, the function is declared
in ws2tcpip.h and the comment above the modified block is invalid.

Also, move the definition of `_WIN32_WINNT` up to before all symbol
availability checks so that we don't have to care which ones must be
done after it.

Tested with Visual Studio 2019 and current MinGW-w64.

Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/4808
Jay Satiro
multi: Change curl_multi_wait/poll to error on negative timeout
- Add new error CURLM_BAD_FUNCTION_ARGUMENT and return that error when
  curl_multi_wait/poll is passed timeout param < 0.

Prior to this change passing a negative value to curl_multi_wait/poll
such as -1 could cause the function to wait forever.

Reported-by: hamstergene@users.noreply.github.com

Fixes https://github.com/curl/curl/issues/4763

Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/4765
Daniel Stenberg
curl: remove 'config' field from OutStruct
As it was just unnecessary duplicated information already stored in the
'per_transfer' struct and that's around mostly anyway.

The duplicated pointer caused problems when the code flow was aborted
before the dupe was filled in and could cause a NULL pointer access.

Reported-by: Brian Carpenter
Fixes #4807
Closes #4810
Daniel Stenberg
Daniel Stenberg
HTTP-COOKIES.md: describe the cookie file format
... and refer to that file from from CURLOPT_COOKIEFILE.3 and

Assisted-by: Jay Satiro
Reported-by: bsammon on github
Fixes #4805
Closes #4806
Daniel Stenberg
ConnectionExists: respect the max_concurrent_streams limits
A regression made the code use 'multiplexed' as a boolean instead of the
counter it is intended to be. This made curl try to "over-populate"
connections with new streams.

This regression came with 41fcdf71a1, shipped in curl 7.65.0.

Also, respect the CURLMOPT_MAX_CONCURRENT_STREAMS value in the same

Reported-by: Kunal Ekawde
Fixes #4779
Closes #4784
Daniel Stenberg
fix: Copyright year out of date, should be 2020
Follow-up to 875314ed0bf3b
cmake: Improve libssh2 check on Windows
- Add "libssh2" name to FindLibSSH2 library search.

On Windows systems, libSSH2 CMake installation may name the library

Prior to this change cmake only checked for name "ssh2". On Linux that
works fine because it will prepend the "lib", but it doesn't do that on

Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/4804
Marcel Raad
hostip: move code to resolve IP address literals to `Curl_resolv`
The code was duplicated in the various resolver backends.

Also, it was called after the call to `Curl_ipvalid`, which matters in
case of `CURLRES_IPV4` when called from `connect.c:bindlocal`. This
caused test 1048 to fail on classic MinGW.

The code ignores `conn->ip_version` as done previously in the
individual resolver backends.

Move the call to the `resolver_start` callback up to appease test 655,
which wants it to be called also for literal addresses.

Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/4798
Daniel Stenberg
wolfssh: remove fprintf() calls (and uses of __func__)
Daniel Stenberg
data.d: remove "Multiple files can also be specified"
It is superfluous and could even be misleading.

Bug: https://curl.haxx.se/mail/archive-2020-01/0016.html
Reported-by: Mike Norton
Closes #4832
  • libcurl_windows: 'wget -N ...' failed -  stdio
HTTP: increase EXPECT_100_THRESHOLD to 1Mb
Mentioned: https://curl.haxx.se/mail/lib-2020-01/0050.html

Closes #4814
Marcel Raad
libssh2: fix variable type
This led to a conversion warning on 64-bit MinGW, which has 32-bit
`long` but 64-bit `size_t`.

Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/4823
Daniel Stenberg
wolfssh: set the password correctly for PASSWORD auth
Daniel Stenberg
wolfSSH: new SSH backend
Adds support for SFTP (not SCP) using WolfSSH.

Closes #4231
Daniel Stenberg
polarssl: removed
As detailed in DEPRECATE.md, the polarssl support is now removed after
having been disabled for 6 months and nobody has missed it.

The threadlock files used by mbedtls are renamed to an 'mbedtls' prefix
instead of the former 'polarssl' and the common functions that
previously were shared between mbedtls and polarssl and contained the
name 'polarssl' have now all been renamed to instead say 'mbedtls'.

Closes #4825
Jay Satiro

Prior to this change CURLSSLOPT_NO_PARTIALCHAIN was missing from the
Daniel Stenberg
wolfssl: use the wc-prefixed symbol alternatives
The symbols without wc_ prefix are not always provided.

Ref: https://github.com/wolfSSL/wolfssl/issues/2744

Closes #4827
Daniel Stenberg
Tobias Hieta
CMake: Add support for CMAKE_LTO option.
This enables Link Time Optimization. LTO is a proven technique for
optimizing across compilation units.

Closes #4799
Pavel Volgarev
smtp: Allow RCPT TO command to fail for some recipients

Verified with the new tests 3002-3007

Closes #4816
Daniel Stenberg
curl: make #0 not output the full URL
It was not intended nor documented!

Added test 1176 to verify.

Reported-by: vshmuk on hackerone

Closes #4812
Daniel Stenberg
openssl: make CURLINFO_CERTINFO not truncate x509v3 fields
Avoid "reparsing" the content and instead deliver more exactly what is
provided in the certificate and avoid truncating the data after 512
bytes as done previously. This no longer removes embedded newlines.

Fixes #4837
Reported-by: bnfp on github
Closes #4841
Faizur Rahman
schannel: Make CURLOPT_CAINFO work better on Windows 7
- Support hostname verification via alternative names (SAN) in the
  peer certificate when CURLOPT_CAINFO is used in Windows 7 and earlier.

CERT_NAME_SEARCH_ALL_NAMES_FLAG doesn't exist before Windows 8. As a
result CertGetNameString doesn't quite work on those versions of
Windows. This change provides an alternative solution for
CertGetNameString by iterating through CERT_ALT_NAME_INFO for earlier
versions of Windows.

Prior to this change many certificates failed the hostname validation
when CURLOPT_CAINFO was used in Windows 7 and earlier. Most certificates
now represent multiple hostnames and rely on the alternative names field
exclusively to represent their hostnames.

Reported-by: Jeroen Ooms

Fixes https://github.com/curl/curl/issues/3711
Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/4761
Daniel Stenberg
misc: Copyright year out of date, should be 2020
Follow-up to recent commits

[skip ci]
Marcel Raad
CMake: support specifying the target Windows version
Previously, it was only possible to set it to Windows Vista or XP by
setting the option `ENABLE_INET_PTON` to `ON` resp. `OFF`.
Use a new cache variable `CURL_TARGET_WINDOWS_VERSION` to be able to
explicitly set the target Windows version. `ENABLE_INET_PTON` is
ignored in this case.

Ref: https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/1639#issuecomment-313039352
Ref: https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/4607#issuecomment-557541456
Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/4815
Santino Keupp
libssh2: add support for forcing a hostkey type
- Allow forcing the host's key type found in the known_hosts file.

Currently, curl (with libssh2) does not take keys from your known_hosts
file into account when talking to a server. With this patch the
known_hosts file will be searched for an entry matching the hostname
and, if found, libssh2 will be told to claim this key type from the

Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/4747
Daniel Stenberg
copyright: fix year ranges
follow-up from dea17b519d (one of these days I'll learn to check before
I push)
Daniel Stenberg
mk-ca-bundle: add support for CKA_NSS_SERVER_DISTRUST_AFTER
For now, no cert in the bundle actually sets a date there...

Co-Authored-by: Jay Satiro
Reported-by: Christian Heimes
Fixes #4834
Closes #4836
Aron Rotteveel
form.d: fix two minor typos
Closes #4843
Emil Engler
curl: Let -D merge headers in one file again
Closes #4762
Fixes #4753
Jay Satiro
schannel_verify: Fix alt names manual verify for UNICODE builds
Follow-up to 29e40a6 from two days ago, which added that feature for
Windows 7 and earlier. The bug only occurred in same.

Ref: https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/4761