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Daniel Stenberg
tool_help.h: update copyright year range
Follow-up from aa8777f63febca
Antarpreet Singh
imap: set cselect_bits to CURL_CSELECT_IN initially
... when continuing a transfer from a FETCH response.

When the size of the file was small enough that the entirety of the
transfer happens in a single go and schannel buffers holds the entire
data. However, it wasn't completely read in Curl_pp_readresp since a
line break was found before that could happen. So, by the time we are in
imap_state_fetch_resp - there's data in buffers that needs to be read
via Curl_read but nothing to read from the socket. After we setup a
transfer (Curl_setup_transfer), curl just waits on the socket state to
change - which doesn't happen since no new data ever comes.

Closes #5961
Daniel Stenberg
docs/TheArtOfHttpScripting: convert to markdown
Makes it easier to browse on github etc. Offers (better) links.

It should be noted that this document is already mostly outdated and
"Everything curl" at https://ec.haxx.se/ is a better resource and

Closes #5981
Daniel Stenberg
github: remove the duplicate "Security vulnerability" entry
... since github adds an entry automatically by itself.

Closes #5970
Daniel Stenberg
ftp: get rid of the PPSENDF macro
The use of such a macro hides some of what's actually going on to the
reader and is generally disapproved of in the project.

Closes #5971
Daniel Stenberg
dynbuf: provide curlx_ names for reuse by the curl tool
Closes #5946
Emil Engler
urlapi: use more Curl_safefree
Closes #5968
Daniel Stenberg
runtests: allow creating files without newlines
Closes #5946
Daniel Stenberg
TODO: dynamically decide to use socketpair
Suggested-by: Anders Bakken

Closes #4829
Daniel Stenberg
curl: make checkpasswd use dynbuf
Closes #5952
Daniel Stenberg
dynbuf: make sure Curl_dyn_tail() zero terminates
Closes #5959
Daniel Stenberg
travis: use libressl v3.1.4 instead of master
... as their git master seems too fragile to use (and 3.2.1 which is the
latest has a build failure).

Closes #5964
Daniel Stenberg
curl: make file2memory use dynbuf
Closes #5952
Daniel Stenberg
tests/FILEFORMAT: document nonewline support for <file>
The one in <client>, that creates files.

Follow-up from b83947c8df7
Daniel Stenberg
man pages: switch to https://example.com URLs
Since HTTPS is "the new normal", this update changes a lot of man page
examples to use https://example.com instead of the previous "http://..."

Closes #5969
Daniel Stenberg
ftp: a 550 response to SIZE returns CURLE_REMOTE_FILE_NOT_FOUND
This is primarily interesting for cases where CURLOPT_NOBODY is set as
previously curl would not return an error for this case.

MDTM getting 550 now also returns this error (it returned
CURLE_FTP_COULDNT_RETR_FILE before) in order to unify return codes for
missing files across protocols and specific FTP commands.

libcurl already returns error on a 550 as a MDTM response (when
CURLOPT_FILETIME is set). If CURLOPT_NOBODY is not set, an error would
happen subsequently anyway since the RETR command would fail.

Add test 1913 and 1914 to verify. Updated several tests accordingly due
to the updated SIZE behavior.

Reported-by: Tomas Berger
Fixes #5953
Closes #5957
Quentin Balland
easy_reset: clear retry counter
Closes #5975
Fixes #5974
Daniel Stenberg
curl: make glob_match_url use dynbuf
Closes #5952
Daniel Stenberg
BUGS: convert document to markdown
Closes #5979
Daniel Stenberg
tests: add test1912 to the dist
Follow-up to 70984ce1be4cab6c
Daniel Stenberg
test434: test -K use in a single line without newline
Closes #5946
Daniel Stenberg
--help: strdup the category
... since it is converted and the original pointer is freed on Windows
unicode handling.

Follow-up to aa8777f63febc
Fixes #5977
Closes #5978
Reported-by: xwxbug on github
Daniel Stenberg
docs/RESOURCES: remove
This document is not maintained and rather than trying to refresh it,
let's kill it. A more up-to-date document with relevant RFCs is this
page on the curl website: https://curl.haxx.se/rfc/

Closes #5980
Daniel Stenberg
Daniel Stenberg
tool_urlglob: fix compiler warning "unreachable code"
(On Windows builds.)

Follow-up to 70a3b003d9
Emil Engler
github: use new issue template feature
This helps us to avoid getting feature requests as well as security
bugs reported into the issue tracker.

Closes #5936
Daniel Stenberg
curl: use curlx_dynbuf for realloc when loading config files
... fixes an integer overflow at the same time.

Reported-by: ihsinme on github
Assisted-by: Jay Satiro

Closes #5946
Marc Hoersken
multi: reuse WinSock events variable in Curl_multi_wait
Since the struct is quite large (1 long and 10 ints) we
declare it once at the beginning of the function instead
of multiple times inside loops to avoid stack movements.

Reviewed-by: Viktor Szakats
Reviewed-by: Daniel Stenberg

Closes #5886
Daniel Stenberg
ftp: avoid risk of reading uninitialized integers
If the received PASV response doesn't match the expected pattern, we
could end up reading uninitialized integers for IP address and port

Issue pointed out by muse.dev
Closes #5972
Daniel Stenberg
tests/FILEFORMAT: document type=shell for <command>
Daniel Stenberg
CHECKSRC: document two missing warnings
Daniel Stenberg
Daniel Stenberg
test3015: verify stdout "as text"
Follow-up from 0c1e767e83e to please win32 tests

Closes #5962
Gergely Nagy
vtls: deduplicate client certificates in ssl_config_data
Closes #5629
Daniel Stenberg
TODO: add PR reference for native IDN support on macOS
As there was work started on this that never got completed.

Closes #5371
Daniel Stenberg
CI/azure: disable test 571 in the msys2 builds
It's just too flaky there

Reviewed-by: Marc Hoersken
Closes #5954
Marc Hoersken
multi: align WinSock mask variables in Curl_multi_wait
Also skip pre-checking sockets to set timeout_ms to 0
after the first socket has been detected to be ready.

Reviewed-by: rcombs on github
Reviewed-by: Daniel Stenberg

Follow up to #5886
tool_writeout: add new writeout variable, %{num_headers}
This variable gives the number of headers.

Closes #5947
Daniel Stenberg
tool_writeout: protect fputs() from NULL
When the code was changed to do fputs() instead of fprintf() it got
sensitive for NULL pointers; add checks for that.

Follow-up from 0c1e767e83ec66

Closes #5963
Daniel Stenberg
curl: make file2string use dynbuf
Closes #5952